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Building automated systems for industry using mechanics, electronics, pneumatics, and computer technology.


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Why is this skill important?

Mechatronics technicians design, build, maintain, and repair automated equipment, and program the equipment and systems which enable communication between machines and people. They also deal with equipment for information gathering, components and regulating units.

The more common and visible mechatronics appliances include shop tills (belt and cash register assemblies) and automated bottle machines.

Industrial applications include - but are not limited to - automated production and process lines that include assembly, packaging, filling, labelling and testing, as well as automated distribution and logistics systems.

Could this skill be for you?

If you like:

  • Fixing things
  • Complex problems
  • Using computers
  • Using tools
  • Working as a team

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The Challenge

Important elements of the challenge include:

  • Competitors will be judged on their knowledge and abilities of mechatronic systems.

  • A design circuit is built and tested.

  • Competitor will programme equipment control systems.

  • Analytical techniques are essential to this Skill.

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Medal Result Competitor Country/region
Gold 734 Gustavo Andreola Brazil
Gold 734 Lucas Tochetto Brazil
Gold 734 Yizhen Deng China
Gold 734 Zijin Ye China
Gold 733 Shoma Okano Japan
Gold 733 Kenta Sato Japan
Gold 732 Cédric Achermann Switzerland
Gold 732 Fabien Gyger Switzerland
Bronze 730 Avery Bird Canada
Bronze 730 Theodor Willert Canada
Bronze 730 CHIA-CHEN TSAI Chinese Taipei
Bronze 730 YU-CHENG CHIAO Chinese Taipei
Medallion for Excellence 728 Chun Yat Kong Hong Kong, China
Medallion for Excellence 728 Tsz Kin So Hong Kong, China
Medallion for Excellence 725 Ever Andres Osorio Flores Colombia
Medallion for Excellence 725 Jaime Orlando Cardenas Crespo Colombia
Medallion for Excellence 724 Maksim Aksenov Russia
Medallion for Excellence 724 Aleksandr Arapov Russia
Medallion for Excellence 721 Anand Kumar Thathimakula Arumugam India
Medallion for Excellence 721 Varun Hanumanth Gowda India
Medallion for Excellence 720 JEONGHYEOK LEE Korea
Medallion for Excellence 720 TAEYEONG PARK Korea
Medallion for Excellence 718 Samuel Hillier United Kingdom
Medallion for Excellence 718 Thomas Revell United Kingdom
Medallion for Excellence 717 Kristof Balazs Sipos Hungary
Medallion for Excellence 717 Zoltan Takacs Hungary
Medallion for Excellence 712 Yi An Clarence Lim Singapore
Medallion for Excellence 712 Eljer Chua Singapore
Medallion for Excellence 709 Jakapat Ruemrak Thailand
Medallion for Excellence 709 Patipan Timai Thailand
Medallion for Excellence 707 Jan Hügel Germany
Medallion for Excellence 707 Robin Ehret Germany
Medallion for Excellence 702 Fábio Oliveira Portugal
Medallion for Excellence 702 Pedro Sardinha Portugal
Medallion for Excellence 702 Wilhelm von Heideken Sweden
Medallion for Excellence 702 Adrian Bentland Sweden
Medallion for Excellence 700 FATHUL AMMAR AMSYAR HASBULLAH Malaysia
Medallion for Excellence 700 MUHAMAD ZULHISYAM HAIROMAN Malaysia
699 Nguyen Thuan Hai Vietnam
699 Doan Minh Tien Vietnam
696 Seyed Behnam Heidarian Iran
696 Vahid Naeimian Iran
687 Carlos GRILLO Spain
687 Eric LLANSA Spain
687 Robi Suhadinah Indonesia
687 Angga Adi Prasetya Indonesia
685 Julian Aigner Austria
685 Jürgen Anzinger Austria
684 Keng Fai Cheng Macao, China
684 Hou Weng Wong Macao, China
683 Nicolas Andrès Belgium
683 Alexandre Frédérick Belgium
683 Antonin ROMANO France
683 Florian LONG France
678 Stefan Broos Netherlands
678 Jeffrey de Zeeuw Netherlands
676 Dewald Brand South Africa
676 Angelique Jordaan South Africa
671 Arnold Kuusklaid Estonia
671 Jürgen Alekand Estonia
670 Shahin Almutawa United Arab Emirates
670 Eidha Alrashdi United Arab Emirates
669 Vinjar Vederhus Norway
669 Espen Brandtzæg Godø Norway
659 Joshua Whittington United States of America
659 Corey Cleghorn United States of America
653 Vilgelm Limanskiy Kazakhstan
653 Klimkov Alexey Kazakhstan
651 Paul Masupelo Zambia
651 Jimmy Kachenjela Zambia

How to compete

To reach the level of skills required to compete in a WorldSkills Competition takes several years of training and dedication. But the best time to start is now.

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