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Visitor activities

You might not have heard about the careers showcased at WorldSkills, so take this opportunity to try the range of skills on offer. Activities will be located around the skill competitions throughout the event and aligned closely to the skill competitions in that sector.


Showcase areas have been specially designed to surprise and inspire visitors with live demonstrations, including having a go for yourself!

Khalifa University

Drone Design & Fly

Visit the Drone showcase by Khalifa University of Science and Technology to see drones operating in a simulated Urban Search and Rescue environment to detect trapped victims, and deliver aid to them. Discuss the technology involved in this drone showcase with Khalifa University's robotic researchers, and attempt to fly the drone yourself!

ICCA Dubai

ICCA Chefs Theatre

World-class and award winning International Centre for Culinary Arts Dubai will present must-see culinary and patisserie demos by ICCA Chef Instructors and Student Chefs in a theatre style setting, with DIY opportunities to 'try it' for yourself!

F1 Yas Marina Circuit / Autodesk

F1 in Schools Race!

Using the world of Formula 1 and motorsports to excite and engage, try the final component of the F1 in Schools program by taking your miniature F1 car powered by CO2 compressed gas for racing on the showcase racetrack!

Heritage Corner

UAE Heritage

Be inspired by the rich heritage skills of the UAE where you can see and try making traditional handicrafts like the braiding of alkhouse, creating albaraqea costume, altali embroidery techniques and alhibal, the ancient craft of making rope from palm fiber.

Classic Car

Building a Car through Self-Learning

Pay a visit to the kit car building project, which builds up students manufacturing and engineering skills and results in students having a deeper insight into scientific knowledge learned at school. The project helps increase self-confidence through the practical application of knowledge and motivates you to try new skills regardless of the seeming initial complexity!

Kamelia Bin Zaal

Landscape Gardening using Indigenous Plants

Learn about indigenous and native plants and see how it's possible to use them in a contemporary designed setting, and not only in a desert landscape. Experts will talk about each species and discuss sustainable landscape design and water conservation.

Careers advice

Specialist career advisors from an array of exciting entities will be available at dedicated Careers Advice areas thoughout the venue. Visitors will benefit from tailored one-on-one advice about skilled careers, courses, CV building, apprenticeships, interview training and much more.

UAE Academy

Careers Advice

The UAE Academy helps you compete in today's job market with My First CV building workshops, mock interviews to Test Your Interviewing Skills, fun Time Management puzzle-solving, Body Language communications and Volunteer opportunities.

Emirates Foundation

Careers Advice

Find out about Kaf'at the program for internships, social enterprise and entrepreneurialship and the Think Science event, to feel inspired. SEDRA careers advice for People of Determination and their families will also be available here.


Careers Advice

Visit the world leading online professional network to get advice and create your professional online profile (18+) with the help of LinkedIn experts. All visitors can get tips on the 'do's and don’ts' of creating a top student profile for the future and pick-up some fun giveaways.


Careers Advice

Expert advice on training, internships and career development via workshops and one-to-ones. Try the innovative Video CV Recording studio, Psychometric Tests to measure suitability for roles, College and Career counselling from education partners and more.

Discover it

Introducing a WorldSkills first at WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, visitors are invited to join our open-classrooms aimed at school students, and conducted by innovative local partners. For 30 minutes students will be involved in playful, interactive challenges, resulting in a memorable learning session. Sign-up for sessions on the day to secure your spot at the Discover It of your choice.

EXPO 2020

You are the designer! Create an exhibition for Expo 2020

Let the Expo team know what would make Expo a truly amazing and unforgettable experience. Become a designer as you are challenged to share your creative skills and to develop exhibition ideas that will help Expo visitors explore complex topics such as climate change, sustainable development and biodiversity. Win a prize as the team judge your ideas! Maybe you’ll see it brought to life at the Expo!


Social Media Marketing & Strategy

Learn how to create business success by focusing on a strategy that works using various mediums, including creating powerful branding, marketing dynamics, and using social media to achieve your sales goals.


Junior Mobile Robotics with VEX Robotics

Let VEX Robotics educate you about mobile robotics, focusing on the ‘build’ and ‘control’ elements of the use of the VEX IQ Robotics platform. Get ready, as there will be a number of different sessions with their own distinct challenges! Pick-up some fun giveaways!

F1 Yas Marina Circuit / Autodesk

Fusion 360 Design for F1 in Schools by Autodesk

Take part in the first stage of the F1 in Schools program in collaboration with Autodesk technology, starting with a design overview and moving on to the design activity based on Formula 1 - designing a steering wheel. Make sure you stick around and try the next stages of the program and all of the exciting activities in this area! Pick-up some fun giveaways!

College of Fashion Design Dubai

Fashion Workshop Corner by CFD

Don't miss CFD's innovative fashion workshops from 3D Printing, Fabric Cutting, Laser Engraving on Fabric, Recycle-Redesign-Reuse, Fashion Collage, Fashion Sketching, and more, plus day long sessions, fashion lectures - Reviving Vintage Veil Fashion, course information and fun giveaways! Each day one lucky winner who displays the best work will receive an iPad Mini, so make sure you visit!

Try it

Try It activities inspire visitors to ‘sample for themselves’ and see what it’s like to try a skill or career path that they have never considered! Try It invites visitors to role-up their sleeves and get stuck in, experiencing activities from Fashion Design to Floristry and Industrial Mechanics to Automotive. Each Try It can be found near the related skill competition throughout the venue.

Etihad Airways

Aviation with Etihad Airways

Employees of the UAE national carrier, Etihad Airways, will showcase a wide variety of skills on their stand. See men and women of the aviation industry demonstrate their proficiency in aircraft simulators, engineering wire locking, as well as videos of competencies in restaurant service, fashion technology, graphic design technology, heavy vehicle maintenance and much more.

Abu Dhabi Police

Air Wing Stand - SAR and Medic

Watch Abu Dhabi Police present helicopter-based emergency medical services including; demonstrating the aircraft's tasks and missions, use of the air ambulance, exploration and rescue equipment, and photography and thermal imaging equipment.


Precision, Performance and Safety by Mercedes-Benz

Visit world renowned Mercedes, with their car display and exciting activities from the Engine Display Game to the Illuminate the Star, Check Tire Pressure, Buzz GLA and Batak Activations. Don't forget to pick up some fun giveaways or hang out in the cool and specially designed on-stand seating area!


VirtualPaint Simulator

Car lovers and spray paint hopefuls can try their hand at BASF's virtual automotive spray painting, colour matching and complex colour development, using marketing-leading refinish paint brand Glasruit. Don't forget to pick-up some fun giveaways!


Autocare Experience with 3M

Hands-on application with 3M experts on 3M products designed to repair, restore, and enhance cars. Demonstrations showing tips & tricks for a perfect finish on 3M car wrapping, 3M window films & 3M Paint Protection Film (PPF). Don't forget to pick-up some fun give aways!

LuLu Hypermarket

Shopping Fun with LuLu!

Making shopping fun with LuLu, come and try a variety of exciting activities from cake and patisserie decorating, fruit and vegetable carving to merchandising and ecommerce!


The Engine Challenge

Test your technical skills with The Engine Challenge - take it apart and put it together again! Work against each another in groups with teams of professionals on hand as it's a challenging game. Participants will receive an award certificate!

Global Vision

Information & Security Technology

Try a number of fun skills with Global Vision and partners! Try your best to fight fire with the fire-fighting simulator, or become a 'Little Investigator' using the crime scene investigation app.

Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi Police Media Security

Learn how to use a variety of media security technologies with Abu Dhabi Police, from photo and video editing, night-vision and laser technology, to learning the art of icon design, Instagram video making and presenting TV reports.


Samsung Gear VR 4D Experience

Global electronics giant and Overall Event Presenter, Samsung Electronics, presents a number of exciting activities to try from Samsung Tech class 'Adventures in Coding' and 'Mobile App Development', Caricature with S pen using Note8, Suspension Bridge VR Experience, to the star attraction; the Samsung GYRO VR 4D Experience! Don't forget to pick-up some fun giveaways while you visit!

Al Mazroui - Electrical

Electrical Installations

Role up your sleeves and find out what it's like to work on electrical installations from start to finish, including lines and installation, wiring technology and safety measurement.

SuperPipe ME

Multi-layer Piping System

Gain practical experience by having a go at removing and reinstalling pipes and fittings on SuperPipe's full bathroom and kitchen piping simulation wall, for hot and cold water piping. See how the same piping is used in buildings in the UAE. Enjoy the fun giveaways that you can take away with you!


Play Soccer with Mobile Robotics

Rise to the challenge of using one of two different robot designs and a football to play soccer against another player and their robot. Have fun and learn how to operate mobile robotics at same time!



Draw in the air and lift your imagination off the page! Experience how 3D printing works using 3Doodler pens. After a quick induction get started on creating your own personal 3Dooler cube to place on their legacy map of the UAE on the stand!

Sandvik Coromant

See the future of manufacturing with Sandvik Coromant

Visit Sandvik Coromant to get a glimpse of the future of manufacturing through connected tooling and cloud computing with their CoroPlus machine monitoring portal. They have a lot to show you - please stop by!



Feel like a competitor and try skills used in the competition area! This area is made up of mini-stations including; an induction, wire stripping and crimping, machine programing and using a small air compressor to inflate a balloon to take away with you!


Have a tour inside Strata

Tilt your head, look around and feel like you are actually in the Strata workshop by using Virtual Reality Goggles to see Strata employees working on parts and to view the manufacturing areas and process.


Industrial Test and Measurement

Experience live electrical measurement of current, installation and RCD testing on a demo board, identifying hot spots with a thermal imager. Also try live measurement of power quality, vibration and insulation, testing on a small motor.


Experience Health & Safety

Demonstrating a wide range of 3M PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) & 3M Medical solutions. Hands-on application with 3M experts on 3M innovative products designed to protect people’s health & safety. Pick-up some fun giveaways!

Floral Trading


Experts demonstrate flower arranging techniques, bouquet making and how to take care of flowers and indoor plants. Grab the chance to win a bouquet by answering questions at Q&A sessions or by competing in bouquet making competitions!

MADI International

Experience true beauty!

Let’s meet and discover the strength of true professional products while experiencing amazing colourful nails and flip your healthy straight hair, but don’t be surprised by your gorgeous eyes!

Al Mazroui - Carpentry


Try your hand at traditional woodworking techniques, including the application of CNC technology and the use of sophisticated CNC machines, to produce a variety of prototype models like wooden cars, pens and candlesticks.

Al Snyar

UAE Sea Heritage

Keep the craft of dhow building alive in the UAE and try your hand at building the traditional dhow boat and rope crafting activities. Listen to elders recite fascinating sea poetry from experiences at sea.

Elite Agro

Reduce Reuse Recycle with Elite Agro

Elite Agro is the leading producer and distributor of fresh vegetables and fruit in the UAE, growing a wide range of high quality agricultural products through world-class technology and distribution. Elite agro will have games on stand to highlight the need to reduce reuse and recycle, like giant connect 4! Get your certificate for participating.


Cladding and Pointing of Brick Slips

Welcome to the colourful world of clay bricks and modern construction! Learn all about this eco-friendly and durable material and try your hand at 'bricklaying' - cladding and pointing of brick slips on a wall. Pick-up some fun giveaways!



Experience Graco's leading technology in spray guns and applications for yourself and find out what it's like to spray materials and water through a variety of machines for different applications!

Gyproc Saint-Gobain


Put on your protective PPE gloves and glasses and find out what it's like to handle building materials and tools to create a drywall partition. Put together the pre-cut metal studs and track to form the base, then fix the plasterboard to a frame.


Painting with Jotun

Test your house painting skills! Have the freedom to push the boundaries of your artistic skills by using rollers, brushes and paper on Jotun's specially designed space, using only the best non-toxic water-based paints in various colours.

Art installations

17a Art Consultants

Advice Wall

Visit the Advice Wall by 17A Art Consultants where adults are encouraged to share some advice with the younger generation about their future and careers, which they can take from the wall. Overall it's all about 'Give' and 'Take'.

Tazward Murals

Live Art Mural

Visit the Live Art Mural being painted over the four days of the event by one of the world's Top 5 Photorealist artists, showcasing WorldSkills Abu Dhabi and the importance of Skilled Careers. Snap a pic in front of the mural and upload to social media on the spot!