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Global Vision

Global Vision for Training and Consultancy Services is a professional Abu Dhabi licensed entity specialized in the field of education, training and consultancy. At GVC we endeavor to make it the preferred knowledge hub for local and regional customers. The company has a strong human resources framework composed of international experts, university professors, and consultants of practical and specialized background, each in his field, to guarantee quality and proficiency of the training process.

Global Vision proudly distinguishes itself from other institutions by being the only platform where knowledge is imparted to its seekers with the aim of cultivating personal and professional development that will contribute towards social and economic development of the community. The company is honored to be in business affiliations with reputable international training and academic organizations.

Global Vision's successful track record that develops designs and implements programs with great confidence and professionalism adheres to the best business practices and regulatory requirements enabling us to provide excellent services to all our clients.  

We constantly appraise our operation, training, and communications methods to achieve the most possible success in all our programs no matter how small or large. We utilize sophisticated tools of assessing the needs of our clients and students through questionnaires, surveys and direct communications, and we are always searching for the best available programs that will be unique, educational and have great intrinsic values.