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Mobile Robotics

Design, build, and maintain robots to solve problems in industries from manufacturing to aerospace, mining to medicine.

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Why is this skill important?

Mobile Robotics is a trending and fast-evolving field with applications in diverse industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace, mining, and medicine.

A robotics engineer designs, maintains, develops new applications, and conducts research to expand the potential for robots.

Client consultation results in an accurate specification around the design and function requirements of the robot. The iterative design phase follows and a prototype is assembled. The robot is then programmed and tested to ensure consistent performance.

Robotics engineers must be familiar with logic, microprocessors, and computer programming so that they can design the right robot for its intended application. They prepare specifications for the robot's capabilities, and are responsible for cost efficient design, cost-price calculations and quality control.  The ability to innovate, experiment, transfer analytical skills, and generate solutions to resolve technological challenges is essential.

Could this skill be for you?

If you like:

  • Fixing things
  • Making things
  • Complex problems
  • Using computers
  • Using tools
  • Things that move
  • Working as a team

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The Challenge

Important elements of the challenge include:

  • Competitors will programme a provided mobile robot.

  • Teams must also prepare specifications for the robot's capabilities.

  • Competitors will test, adjust sensor values and parameters, assemble and connect peripheral equipment and make final test runs.

  • Teams must be able to troubleshoot and repair hardware and connections.

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