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Working closely with other areas of the construction industry, measuring, cutting, and installing wood components both inside and outside.

Why is this skill important?

Carpentry work includes measuring, cutting and installing components of a residence or commercial building including floor, stair, and wall and roof systems. It can also include windows and doors, roofing materials, interior and external finishing components, and precision items like trim and moulding. In addition, a carpenter may be asked to construct forms for concrete, wall and roof systems of the structures, and construct/install sidings, shutters, roofing materials, as well as out-buildings such as garages, sheds, gazebos, pergolas, and play houses.

Every step in the carpentry process matters; the carpenter must work safely and tidily, have stamina, demonstrate exceptional planning and organization skills, concentrate and pay attention to detail in order to achieve an excellent finish.

Often, a carpenter works as an apprentice mastering use of tools; doing rough and finish carpentry work; learning how intricate jobs are completed, and appreciating the importance of accuracy. This is an exemplary and productive pathway to success for any aspiring expert in this field. 

Could this skill be for you?

If you like:

  • Fixing things
  • Making things
  • Craftsmanship
  • Using tools

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The Challenge

Important elements of the challenge include:

  • Competitors must make a written plan of the project to determine the length, shape, angles and joints of each piece of wood.

  • Marks are awarded for the neatness of joints and the accuracy of preparing the wood.

  • The components must be precisely assembled and fastened.

  • The completed structure should be neat and meet all the specifications of the judges.

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Medal Result Competitor Country/region
Gold 725 JAEYEON JANG Korea
Silver 722 Florian Nock Switzerland
Silver 722 Moritz Mayr South Tyrol, Italy
Silver 720 Ryan Grieger Australia
Silver 720 Mario BEL France
Medallion for Excellence 715 Michael Mühlmann Austria
Medallion for Excellence 714 Kevin Hofacker Germany
Medallion for Excellence 705 Jesper Sonne Nørgaard Denmark
Medallion for Excellence 701 Yan Xu China
Medallion for Excellence 700 Rick Lammerink Netherlands
692 Kota Moriwaki Japan
691 Bulat Galiullin Russia
685 Cameron Nutt United Kingdom
671 Gabor Piltman Hungary
669 Todd Hamilton New Zealand
666 Ewerton Oliveira Brazil
638 Zanodean Zaal Namibia
636 Aaron TONGA Zambia

How to compete

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