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School visits

An unforgettable day out for schools and colleges.

Children visit the WorldSkills Competition in Germany

Plan your visit

Everything you need to help you plan your students' visit to WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 in October.

Frequently asked questions

Why should my students go to the Competition?

WorldSkills is a celebration of excellence that enables students to find out about possible careers that they may never have heard of before. As well as watching the very best of the world’s competitors, students will have a chance to test their own aptitude for that skill. Many of the competitions demonstrate the live application of science lesson content, enabling students to see how what they learn in the classroom relates to the workplace.

What can my students do there?

  • Be inspired - Watch peers from around the world compete at an expert standard.
  • Talk to experts - Meet representatives from leading national and international companies.
  • Try a Skill - Get hands-on and have a go at the skills themselves, with a series of 5-10 minute activities representing each skill. Students will be able to test their aptitude and discover a range of career options that they may never have encountered before.
  • Discovery Labs - Solve a problem with your class mates in 30 minute, student-centered, inquiry-based learning activities led by experienced professionals and designed for groups of up to 26 students.
  • Careers Advice - College advisors and industry professionals will be available in each sector to talk through education and career pathways with interested students.
  • Discovery Tours - Suggested routes through the event themed by interest or topic.

Can I decide to visit with my class on the spot?

No. You must register your schools in advance. If registration is full, students can visit with their friends and family every day during the event opening hours.

How many times can I visit WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017?

If you would like to come with your school more than once that's great! You need to register for both visits. If not, students can always visit the event individually with their friends and family.

Can I visit the event with my family and friends?

Yes, the event is open to the public from 15-18 October at ADNEC.

Can a new supervisor register onsite?

No. Due to security reasons, all supervisors should pre-register and arrive to IPIC Arena with their badges.

Can the school bus drive to ADNEC directly?

No. Schools may only start their visit from IPIC Arena. Any school bus trying to drop off students at ADNEC will be rejected.

Why do we need to go first to IPIC Arena?

For security reasons, registration checks and security screenings must take place at IPIC Arena. It's a big task which can't take place at ADNEC. 

Is there a car park at IPIC Arena if a teacher decides to use her car?

No. Car parking is available for general public at ADNEC, but all teachers attending as part of the School Visits through IPIC must arrive and depart in the school bus.

Will there be facilities for the bus drivers?

There will be break areas and toilets for bus drivers near the parking areas. Drivers must return to their buses one hour before the expected departure time of the school.

Can we bring cameras to take pictures of our students?

Yes. Remember: everything needs to go through the security screening and bulky items may cause delays.

Is ADNEC accessible and adapted for students with special needs (people of determination)?

Yes. Refer to section Special Needs / People of Determination.

Are there activities for special needs students?

Yes. Refer to section Special Needs / People of Determination.

Can we extend our visit for longer than planned?

To ensure that every group enjoys their visit, each school can only stay for long as their time slot.

Is there a place where we can leave our bags at the venue?

No. Teachers should make sure that students leave their bags in the bus before disembarking at IPIC Arena.

Who will be our point of contact if we have any enquiries when we are in the venue?

Our staff and volunteers will be on hand around the venue. Do not hesitate to approach them if you have any questions during your visit.

Will there be organized tours around ADNEC?

To ensure that each students gets the chance to see the skill they are interested in, schools are given the freedom to explore the event. Teachers and supervisors are fully responsible for their groups.

Are there food vendors in the venue?

Yes, the concourse area of ADNEC has a variety of food vendors. Remember: we will be providing meal bags to teachers, students and bus drivers after their visit to ADNEC.

What will be the language(s) of the event?

As WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 is an international event, the main language will be English.


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