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Mechanical Engineering CAD

Using computer software as a tool to create and improve manufacturing projects from ship-building to the aerospace industry.

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Why is this skill important?

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer systems and software to assist in the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of an engineering design. CAD software is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, improve communication through documentation, and create a database for manufacturing. CAD output is often in the form of electronic files for print, manufacturing or other manufacturing processes.

CAD applications are extensively used in many specifically mechanical applications across industries, including automotive, ship building, aerospace industries, and industrial design. CAD software helps us explore ideas, visualize concepts through photorealistic renderings and movies, and simulates how the design project will perform in the real world.

Today, CAD is an essential tool in engineering, manufacturing, product design, sustainability, and even entertainment, because it helps us explore ideas, visualize concepts, develop solutions to problems, and test how the design project/product will perform in the real world.

Could this skill be for you?

If you like:

  • Making things
  • Complex problems
  • Using computers
  • Being creative

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The Challenge

Important elements of the challenge include:

  • Computer aided design is used to create a three-dimensional model of a part.

  • Competitors will demonstrate they can create photo rendered images,

  • The ability to follow technical drawings and dimensioning is essential to this Skill.

  • Competitors will be judged on their ability to work with materials, software and hardware.

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