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Cutting, styling, treating, and colouring hair for both men and women in a work environment that ranges from homes and salons to film and television productions.

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Why is this skill important?

All of us appreciate and take advantage of the best work of expert hairdressers.

Hairdressing has a practical role in the everyday world of personal appearance and hygiene, and also plays an important therapeutic role in supporting individuals’ self- esteem and confidence. It also may help to relieve the effects of illness, and can aid recovery.

The hairdresser works in diverse environments including large, medium, small, or mobile salons, client homes and in product companies and training institution, film and television productions, theatre, wig work, hair replacement, technicians, session stylists and product research and design. They may either specialize or offer a wide range of services, including cutting, colouring, styling, chemical reformation and special hair treatments for men, women or both.

Communication and client care, the ability to analyze hair types and conditions, and to work safely and to manufacturers’ product instructions are the universal attributes of the outstanding hairdresser.

With the globalization of various styles and trends in personal appearance or “look”, the worldwide demand for experts in hair treatment and hairdressing products is expanding rapidly with WorldSkills affording the most outward-looking and talented entering professionals the chance to succeed.

Could this skill be for you?

If you like:

  • Helping people
  • Using tools
  • Being creative

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The Challenge

Important elements of the challenge include:

  • Working under time constraints, Competitors will show they can cut, colour and style hair to a desired effect.

  • Competitors will show they have the ability to analyse different hair types and conditions.

  • Each Competitor will also be tested on chemical reformation and special hair treatments.

  • Planning and creativity are important in this Skill.

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Medal Result Competitor Country/region
Gold 758 Mathieu LEGER France
Silver 741 Taiju Koivula Finland
Silver 740 Egor Kostikov Russia
Medallion for Excellence 731 Qin Wang China
Medallion for Excellence 728 Gaby Ware Australia
Medallion for Excellence 728 GEUNTAEK KIM Korea
Medallion for Excellence 724 Marion Müller South Tyrol, Italy
Medallion for Excellence 721 Keiya Kawamura Japan
Medallion for Excellence 720 CHUN-YU WU Chinese Taipei
Medallion for Excellence 715 CAROLINA EVE SAMBAG Malaysia
Medallion for Excellence 715 Bridie Thorne United Kingdom
Medallion for Excellence 713 Olivia Jonsson Sweden
Medallion for Excellence 709 Vitória Guimarães Brazil
Medallion for Excellence 707 Tomás RIVERA Spain
Medallion for Excellence 702 Chun Kiu Li Hong Kong, China
Medallion for Excellence 700 NADZEYA KASHTELIAN Belarus
Medallion for Excellence 700 Alexandra Kovacs Hungary
Medallion for Excellence 700 Kylie Burkey United States of America
698 Nur Aisyah Adha Indonesia
696 Arumugam Karan India
695 Suphakorn Sitthiprom Thailand
694 Leif Anders Øverland Norway
691 Suly Andrea Jiménez Hurtado Colombia
690 Marcel Brandtner Austria
682 Sara Drainville Canada
675 Emmy Pan Anun Netherlands
672 Mélanie Pironnet Belgium
662 Polina Sinebryukova Kazakhstan
634 Shana-Lee Smale South Africa
630 Malvina Mutidze Georgia
614 Takiya Jordan Barbados
567 Brenda MAIBA Zambia
443 Ayfer YAZICI Turkey

How to compete

To reach the level of skills required to compete in a WorldSkills Competition takes several years of training and dedication. But the best time to start is now.

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