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Beauty Therapy

From hair, nail, and skin care to massage and make up, the beauty therapist offers a head to toe experience that improves quality of life.

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Why is this skill important?

A beauty therapist is an expert in offering specialist treatment services and advice for the care of skin and body, including massage and make-up. Beauty therapy also has an important therapeutic role beyond cosmetics in supporting an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. It may even help improve the effects of illness, and aid in recovery.

Beauty services and treatments relate to the face, body, feet, hands and nails. The beauty therapist works in relationship with clients on a 1:1 basis or as part of a team. The trained and experienced beauty therapist takes on a high level of personal responsibility and autonomy, from understanding client expectations to safeguarding the client’s health and wellbeing.  Every treatment matters and clients trust therapists to provide expert services and advice to make recognizable positive differences in their appearance.

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If you like:

  • Helping people
  • Being creative

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The Challenge

Important elements of the challenge include:

  • Competitors give assigned clients manicures and pedicures, using both polish and nail art.

  • Next, competitors will give customised facial treatments and body massages.

  • Bridal or fantasy makeup is applied using a variety of makeup tools and face products.

  • Each Competitor will also show they have skills in hair removal and lash and brow tinting.

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