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Shailendra Chauhan

Biography of Shailendra Chauhan -

Shailendra Chauhan is a 21yr old young enthusiastic tiler. He is very aimful about his career. Presently, he is under rigorous training of Wall and Floor tiling done by Trainers and Experts of KUSHAL. From the learnings through this training he is going to compete for team India in World Skills(WS) Competition, to be held in AbuDhabi in Oct. 2017.

The journey dictating his selection for the training of WS AbuDhabi is very interesting. He belongs to a family where everyone needs to fight for their livelihoods. Eventually earning is more important than education for them. So, at the age of 13yrs., he started working. Since then, not a single day has been passed that he never thought that, 'he wants to do something remarkable so that everyone must be proud of himself'.

Before three years, while he was working on a site, he came to know about WS competition, through interaction with a trainer of KUSHAL. Then, he tried to get the information about it's participation. Somehow, he is not getting the perfect way. One day after a year, while he was working on other site a board of KUSHAL next to his site, strikes him about WS. So he went there and decided to grab that opportunity for WS. This changes his life.

Through his hard work and complete dedication, he had been appreciated in Mumbai Regional Competition for his tiling work. Then he has been awarded a silver medal in Pre-National competition in year 2016. After holding bronze medal in India Skills, he has been selected for training for WS AbuDhabi.

Now, he is fully busy and devoted himself in training so as to achieve gold medal in WS AbuDhabi 2017, so as to make India pride. For all this journey, he is thankful to KUSHAL.

Shailendra Chauhan

Competing in:
Wall and Floor Tiling